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Exciting and Award-Winning Cooling System from Fujitsu

Late last year Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System won the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize. Exciting on its face, but even more beneficial are the myriad of benefits it can bring to your server room.  Of course, we start with the very basic benefit that energy conservation brings with it lower energy bills. The award recognizes...
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Update: Nexsan Beast gets a P

Last issue we talked about Nexan’s Beast and how it can provide you with twice the storage at half the price. Since then Nexan has introduced its “Beast P,” a cost-effective solution for storage, backup, video surveillance, and more! Beast P ups its beastliness by offering the following:
  • Nearly double the performance of the BEAST
  • ...
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Coming Together Isn’t So Hard Thanks to Agility

Often, we avoid the integration of new technologies because while we may not currently have the benefits that new technology promises, we also know that what we have “works” or at least isn’t broke.  The fear of breaking the IT environment can prevent us from trying to integrate in the first place, ultimately preventing innovation. Agility...
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How to Know the Right Time for a Hardware Refresh

No one likes to replace “what’s working” with new devices, even when the new device may be a shiny new “toy.” But how do you balance being financially responsibility with the need to be safe, secure, and productive?  Typically, industry experts and IT professionals will tell you that a “hardware refresh” should occur every three...
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