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Coming Together Isn’t So Hard Thanks to Agility

Often, we avoid the integration of new technologies because while we may not currently have the benefits that new technology promises, we also know that what we have “works” or at least isn’t broke.  The fear of breaking the IT environment can prevent us from trying to integrate in the first place, ultimately preventing innovation.

Agility (with the assistance of Zerto) can help your organization integrate new hardware and software solutions with no downtime and better yet – no impact to your environment. Agility can help you deploy the Zerto platform that allows for true application and data workload mobility irrespective of brand or proprietary systems.

Hardware or Data Center Migration
Let us show how you can migrate complete data centers, applications or VMs within minutes, regardless of distance. You can literally move data centers across the globe in a matter of minutes. Your migration can be tested before it happens or even rolled back if needed.

Hypervisor (Virtual Machine Monitor) Migration
Switch virtualized applications and accompanying data from one hypervisor to another (a newer version) within a few minutes, limiting downtime.

Agility deploys Zerto partly because the bandwidth required is very minimal. It’s easy for data centers across the street or across the globe to replicate their data with an RPO (recovery point objective) of less than 30 seconds. We can help you consolidate your global IT infrastructure without risk and save you substantially!

Mergers Made Easy
Agility and Zerto can provide Continuous Data Protection, non-disruptive testing, and support for heterogeneous environments to help you integrate two distinct environments. Hardware, hypervisor and cloud freedom can dramatically accelerate the integration of two different IT environments.

Simplify Your Existing IT Infrastructure
Agility and Zerto can also help simplify your virtualized IT environment while reducing failures and costs while improving response times. Have you made sure your VMs are easily recoverable, automated, and easily managed from a central location? Let Agility show you everything you can achieve with Zerto.

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