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Managed Services

Agility Systems has developed a practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. This can include outsourcing HR-activities, production support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities. Agility Systems has combined three powerful offerings into a single flat rate service:

  • N.O.C. Helpdesk
  • Vendor Management
  • N.O.C. Monitoring

Our services will keep your company up-to-date with the latest technology, improve the quality of your network services, and reduce staffing and operational costs.
With our team of industry professionals and years of experience in both the enterprise and small business environments, Agility gives you the guaranteed service that your business demands.

Our Managed Services solution allows you and your staff to concentrate on your core business goals – the ones that generate revenue for your business.


Data Protection & Archive

An organization's information is a critical asset in today's competitive business environment. Building an infrastructure to store this asset that is reliable, cost efficient and automated is a major objective for most companies. In addition, most organizations are being tasked with the burden to cost effectively handle the tremendous amount of data growth and retention requirements.

Data protection and archive solutions allow an organization to feel confident that their vital data is stored properly, cost efficiently and recoverable in a moment's notice. Several of the key benefits associated with data protection and archive solutions:

  • Compliance Regulations
  • Effective Long Term Data Retention
  • Reliable Backups and Data Recovery
  • Simplified Data Protection of Applications, Systems and Data

Agility Systems has a history of implementing successful data protection and archive solutions using the best in class technologies. Our goal is to assist our customers in developing innovative, high-value solutions. Each environment has unique needs, and our extensive experience allows us to work with our customers to develop solutions that leverage products that will best meet their requirements, as well as offer a high level of integration and value.


Cloud & Hosting

Businesses across the region turn to Agility Systems for their co-location needs because they realize that without their systems, for any amount of time, they’ll soon be out of business.

Industry leaders’ networks need to remain up – be it for order processing, accounting, sales, operations, manufacturing – literally every aspect of business depends on an “always on” computer system.

Agility Systems teams with a facility built from the ground up to be a data center, clients are assured a protected environment that includes the latest technology when it comes to cabinets, power, cooling, and support infrastructure.  We believe that co-location should include key foundational services that are critical to the successful operation of your company’s computing environment. We offer much more than just space – our world-class data center is backed by our professional staff and ITIL-based processes.

Different companies, whether due to their size or services, may require different data center needs. Some companies ease into co-location because they have specially engineered software that may require different needs than a common software, but don’t have the space to support it.


Storage & Servers

When designing, deploying, or expanding your storage and server infrastructure, determining your core requirements is critical to success. Agility Systems' team of experts know which questions to ask to assist you in developing your requirements and designing a disk solution that will best meet your business needs. We have a proven history of implementing successful storage solutions using best in class technologies coupled with our expert engineering group. Our goal is to assist our customers in developing innovative, high-value requirements, as well as offer the highest level of integration and value.


Professional Services

Agility Systems offers a full suite of professional services for storage, backup, virtualization, Microsoft and SAN technologies.  These services range from pre-sales consulting and project planning to installation, training, health checks, site assessments, troubleshooting, and support. Depending on your needs and budget, you can outsource an entire project to us or we can provide subject matter experts to complement your in-house staff.

Our consultants have significant depth of experience with all major backup applications, operating systems, database applications, tape hardware, SAN hardware, and storage technologies. We also have expertise in selected email archiving, Microsoft Application and VDI technologies.

Our professional services are available either as needed or as part of a comprehensive solution including hardware and software.


Virtualization Services

Virtualization saves money through consolidating and maximizing your infrastructure, but to ensure success, you need to consider its impact on performance, backup, and your application portfolio. Leveraging Agility Systems' team of professionals you will be able to achieve these benefits:

  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Enhance data and application resiliency

More than just virtualizing physical assets, Agility Systems leverages the power of virtualization to enable greater efficiency across servers, storage, and networks. Through our proven, incremental server-to-storage-to-network data center virtualization and consolidation strategies, we help your business optimize overall performance and efficiency to leverage the benefits of a unified data center.