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Exciting and Award-Winning Cooling System from Fujitsu

Late last year Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System won the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize. Exciting on its face, but even more beneficial are the myriad of benefits it can bring to your server room.  Of course, we start with the very basic benefit that energy conservation brings with it lower energy bills. The award recognizes Fujitsu’s cooling system for as an advanced energy saving system that reduces power consumption for entire data centers.

Energy savings are a direct result of the reduction of heat being pumped into the server room and mitigating the need for air conditioning expenses as well as server fans. Using Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System reduces overall power consumption of a server system, including cooling equipment, by about 40% compared to air cooled systems while also reducing CO2 emissions – a win-win!

Fujitsu’s Immersion Cooling System is a cooling system that evenly cools servers by immersing them entirely in a cooling liquid. This cooling system offers the added benefit of increasing the space you need for your server farm to twice what it is now, reducing total cost of ownership!

The cooling system allows servers to operate with zero heat degradation, increasing operational efficiencies. Installing this system is easy and hassle-free as it connects directly to your existing site cooling systems.

Take a look at the demo video provided by Fujitsu that seems to go against the laws of electricity and water not being able to coexist.

Contact Agility if you’re interested in seeing how Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System can reduce your costs and improve efficiencies.

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