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We’ve See the Future, and its Continuous

Agility has been working with many organizations to deploy Zerto’s backup solutions that are game changing in the world of business continuity. Change your organization’s backup paradigm and move beyond making decisions about RTO and RPO and choose Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) allows users or administrators to restore data to any point in time, with...
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Twice the Storage, Half the Price

If you’re in the market for more storage, the second quarter of 2019 is an excellent time to consider this as Nexsan and Agility are offering a tremendous deal. More specifically, when you purchase a 300 TB “Beast” storage device with 30 drives, you’ll receive an additional 30 drives for free. That’s an extra 300...
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Agility Offers a Better Backup

We know that in 2019 you not only cannot afford data loss, you may lose your business if you do. Your company’s livelihood and reputation is at stake – not to mention productivity. When you’re down and out, looking to restore your environment and data, it is literally costing you. How much? IDC has determined...
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Upgrade to a Better Graphics Card

Join Agility and NVIDIA as they “race towards the future” with an amazing new graphics card. The Nvidia T4 will enable your team to realize the benefits and promise of high performing solutions (including AI) to create new customer experiences, use them to exceed customer wish-lists, and cost-effectively high-bandwidth resolution requirements. Agility recently introduced these cards...
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