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A Better Way to Tackle VM Replication and Backup

Do you have legacy systems?  Have you found an effective and affordable way to back them up – or are you simply playing with fire?  You know eventually they are going down – so what can you do to ensure your systems stay afloat? The backup of virtual machines (VMs) offsite is one extremely popular strategy,...
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Steps to Take to Head Off Ransomware

Ransomware isn’t just a plot device in a TV drama – it’s alarmingly becoming more and more of an issue. Can you believe that you can actually find “RaaS,” ransomware as a service tool kits to target organizations’ data? Meanwhile the costs are astounding as it can approach the hundreds of millions of dollars, depending...
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Five Reasons to Take a Look at a New Data Management Solution

Agility Systems partners with Commvault to bring our clients an all-in-one data management platform for either virtual/cloud or physical/on-premise environments. Commvault is our choice because it is a single-platform, incorporating and addressing today’s multiple data management today needs while being flexible enough to grow with your evolving needs and requirements. Commvault’s backup and recovery solution was...
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