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Twice the Storage, Half the Price

If you’re in the market for more storage, the second quarter of 2019 is an excellent time to consider this as Nexsan and Agility are offering a tremendous deal. More specifically, when you purchase a 300 TB “Beast” storage device with 30 drives, you’ll receive an additional 30 drives for free. That’s an extra 300 TB at zero cost to you. Additionally, Beast can help you limit operating costs by reducing power consumption by up to 87 percent.

Beast is a practical, cost-optimized storage workhorse engineered to deliver superior reliability, availability, and density. The device enables you to stay ahead of high-volume application such as backup, archive, and digital video surveillance.

Agility believes in the quality of Nexsan as we have customers that have been running on their product for nearly a decade. Nexsan storage has been around since 2001 and has a history of reliable, economical storage.

Nexsan’s Beast product is both highly reliable and cost-effective while being a great fit for enormous data growth applications like backup, archive, digital video surveillance, and more.

Beast provides hassle free storage – install it, put it to work, and on the rare occasion you need to manage it, access is available from a single GUI management system for multiple systems.

Nexsan puts its devices through rigorous testing (both drives and systems) prior to shipping. The Beast is designed for 60 drives in 4U of a standard rack, keeping your data highly available with dual redundant, hot swappable components, multipathing and an intelligent battery-backed and mirrored flash cache of 16GB per controller.

Nexsan has designed Beast to operate in harsh environments outside the data center leveraging an innovative design with Cool-Drive Technology and Anti-Vibration Design to significantly reduce heat and vibration in the unit.

If you’re in the market for storage, you’re going to want to act now as this deal expires in June.

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