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We’ve See the Future, and its Continuous

Agility has been working with many organizations to deploy Zerto’s backup solutions that are game changing in the world of business continuity.

Change your organization’s backup paradigm and move beyond making decisions about RTO and RPO and choose Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) allows users or administrators to restore data to any point in time, with remarkable granularity.

Agility has chosen this solution because it can effectively monitor your system in real time and run continuous backups incredibly efficiently and affordably. The benefits of CDP include:

Real-Time Replication
CDP tracks blocks of data and replicates each block constantly to storage as they’re modified. CDP is always-on, meaning the days of weighing the affordability of a lower Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) are over as CDP ensures zero data loss, no matter when an outage may occur.

No More Gambling with Snapshots
Snapshots are literally gambling with when the snapshot happens versus an outage. Continuous data replication allows organizations to replicate data as changes occur, delivering recovery intervals of mere seconds.

Journal-Based Any Point-In-Time Recovery
Agility and Zerto’s CDP solution keeps a constant log of all the changes users make to applications and data. This means you can have “any point-in-time” recoverability.

Zero Performance Impact
Unlike the performance issues created by storing multiple snapshots on replica VMs, Zerto’s use of a journal to commit to a point in time selected for recovery delivers zero impact on your VMs’ performance.

Storage Savings
Without using snapshots, using CDP only 15% additional storage. This means you’ll see both dramatic savings and significant amounts of free space.

If you’re interested in this better, contact Agility.

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