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Exciting and Award-Winning Cooling System from Fujitsu

Late last year Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System won the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize. Exciting on its face, but even more beneficial are the myriad of benefits it can bring to your server room.  Of course, we start with the very basic benefit that energy conservation brings with it lower energy bills. The award recognizes...
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Ensure Effective Security Without Slowing Cycles – With Agility and Fortinet

Agility recommends solutions from Fortinet to aid your organization’s DevOps processes. Fortinet will help you realize increased efficiencies while reducing time to market More than half of DevOps leaders (56%) report that one of “increasing efficiencies” or “reducing time to market” is a metric for which they’re being held accountable. Fortinet’s solutions help with speed and...
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Update: Nexsan Beast gets a P

Last issue we talked about Nexan’s Beast and how it can provide you with twice the storage at half the price. Since then Nexan has introduced its “Beast P,” a cost-effective solution for storage, backup, video surveillance, and more! Beast P ups its beastliness by offering the following:
  • Nearly double the performance of the BEAST
  • ...
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Fujitsu Announces Support of Better Graphic Card(s)

Exciting news for those who need superior graphics cards! Fujitsu’s newly released M5 server line and they also fully support the new Nvidia T4 cards. As prior reviewed, the Nvidia T4 is an amazing new graphics card that enables your users to fully leverage the benefits and promise of high performing solutions (including AI) and...
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