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Ensure Effective Security Without Slowing Cycles – With Agility and Fortinet

Agility recommends solutions from Fortinet to aid your organization’s DevOps processes. Fortinet will help you realize increased efficiencies while reducing time to market

More than half of DevOps leaders (56%) report that one of “increasing efficiencies” or “reducing time to market” is a metric for which they’re being held accountable. Fortinet’s solutions help with speed and efficiency but are grounded in the fact that neither should be gained at the expense of putting security at risk.

Recently Fortinet shared the ways it can help your organization streamline DevSecOps:

Security integration – To eliminate security gaps that slow DevOps cycles, Fortinet’s Security Fabric integrates security solutions across the entire infrastructure—from on-premises to the cloud, and from traditional IT to DevOps environments.

Multi-cloud security services hub – Gain complete visibility across your diverse infrastructure while allowing application development teams to iterate rapidly without compromising security.

DevOps security from the ground up – Eliminate security-related delays as FortiGate firewalls support a perimeter-protection DevSecOps strategy with full automation capabilities.

Cloud workload protection – Protect cloud applications from new threats that propagate across workloads as well as cloud platform misconfigurations at the user interface (UI) and application programming interface (API) levels.

Automated security and compliance process – Fortinet enables the automation of many security aspects of the application life-cycle processes managed by DevOps teams, minimizing manual work and interruptions for both the security and DevOps teams.

Intent-based integration – Easily classify information, services, and assets based on the role they play in an application’s operational needs, a common requirement in the world of DevOps and agile development.

Fortinet’s security solutions help DevOps organizations fully integrate security into their continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline while maintaining consistent security both on-premises and across multiple clouds, enabling DevOps teams to focus on projects rather than security issues.

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