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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A Use Case

Recently in our blog we talked about the benefits of Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a great power computing solution.  In short, VDI makes everyone’s computer “virtual” as it runs from the server.

Recently Agility Systems helped a engineering firm with more than 100 engineers locally and across the nation switch to a VDI environment.  The high-computing application that drove the organization to VDI was AutoCAD, but the benefits received from the switch to VDI have been significant and include:


  • An increase in revenue and billable hours thanks to better AutoCAD performance
  • Greater affordability and competitiveness as internal efficiencies improve
  • Radically improved network security
  • Reliable connectivity and uptime
  • Remote access that mirrors onsite performance
  • A file management system that ensures version control

Would you like to examine if a VDI is right for your organization? Email us at info@agilitysys.net or reach out via phone at (330) 403-4245.


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