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What to Consider when Implementing Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a fantastic solution to minimize an organizational upgrade of hardware on everyone’s desktop. By making everyone’s computer “virtual,” running off the server, updates and patches happen at the server level. This takes a heavy load off an IT team who previously had to go from station to station to deploy patches or upgrades.

If you’re considering upgrading operating systems, a VDI lets you seamlessly go from one to the other globally. That’s only one system to manage and troubleshoot, available from anywhere with an internet connection and the proper permissions.

Before you move to a VDI environment, Agility can examine the implications in terms of performance, manpower needed on an ongoing basis, and cost.

Agility matched your organization with the best VDI for your needs by examining:

  • What kind of server platform is best for your environment?
  • Do you need super-high computing power?
  • Which flash storage method would best serve the install base?
  • What type of VM software would work best with the organization’s application base?

Let us know if you’d like to examine if a VDI is right for your organization by emailing us at info@agilitysys.net or reaching out via phone at (330) 403-4245.

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