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How to Protect VMs and Your Data

Protecting critical data has always been priority one for IT professionals, but its more critical today than ever before.  With more and more organizational infrastructures moving to the cloud and virtual machines, it’s critical that you find the right strategy to protect your environment.

Beyond simply making sure backups are running, you need a strategy to make sure your business keeps running with a strategy for business continuity – and with it the right hardware and software solutions.  What kind of Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) goals do you need to hit to keep your business making money, seamlessly? Believe it or not, we are still finding environments that do not have sufficient systems in place to ensure business continuity should the worst happen.

What platform is best for you to protect your environment, including physical hardware, virtual machines and cloud hardware? Most environments today need a platform that can protect all three, either for today’s needs or planned upgrades.

Agility offers a variety of solutions, providing us with the ability to find a solution that fits your business’ specific needs. Too many one-solution vendors look to make sure you fit within their product. Agility matches you with the best solution and platform for your unique needs.  We help you evaluate cost, the best solution for your environment, and how a solution will grow and evolve with their needs.

Are your virtual machines sufficiently protected? Agility can help you uncover your current state, potential vulnerabilities, and best practices to move forward and protect your data.

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