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Five Reasons to Take a Look at a New Data Management Solution

Agility Systems partners with Commvault to bring our clients an all-in-one data management platform for either virtual/cloud or physical/on-premise environments. Commvault is our choice because it is a single-platform, incorporating and addressing today’s multiple data management today needs while being flexible enough to grow with your evolving needs and requirements.

Commvault’s backup and recovery solution was designed as a holistic, fully integrated system that will not only provide business continuity, but advanced security and efficiencies as well. It’s a solution with a proven track record of more than two decades in the industry, consistently rated as one of the top data management products.

Application Expertise
Commvault’s solutions employ the team’s in-depth knowledge of applications, virtual machines and file systems to provide granularity into the data you are protecting, and to enable consistent, rapid protection and recovery of that data.

Smart Retention
By streamlining the data management process, Commvault is able to discern what data to keep, reducing the cost, complexity and risk of storing business or compliance data. Commvault software uses content-based retention policies, taking retention into the modern age, unlike costly legacy methods that follow the “keep everything” principle. By automatically organizing, classifying and storing only relevant data Commvault software can reduce retention costs up to 70 percent.

Reducing Redundancies
Speed up the process and reduce costs with Commvault’s deduplication which eliminates redundant data, so you can reduce storage infrastructure costs. Commvault’s software deduplication addresses it at the source, reducing up to 90% of the data moved over your network, and cutting your backup time dramatically.

Storage Flexibility
Data comes with all sorts of restrictions as well as requirements, each needing different levels of protection and security. Commvault’s optimizes its backup processes to ensure you save resources and budgets while maintaining the ability to quickly and granularly restore of your data when disaster strikes.

Peace of Mind
Secure, automated and equipped to provide you with the reports you need, Commvault takes backups from something you may worry about to a hassle-free, free and easy experience. Almost all manual activities can be eliminated through policy-based approaches and centralized administration that automate the movement of backup and archive data to the most cost-effective storage locations.

Contact Agility to learn more about how Commvault’s data management can deliver a more efficient and affordable solution!

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