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Choosing the Right Flash Storage for Your Environment

Whether you need storage that caters to a user base that needs capacity to accommodate reading, writing, or even for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Agility can align your storage with the flash solutions available today.

Agility has been sourced throughout Northeast Ohio to develop solutions that offer storage solutions that match an organization’s needs. We’ve even successfully deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in manufacturing environments making, creating “dumb terminals” on the floor with robust storage.

When considering the flash storage for your environment with a dedicated or hybrid solution, let’s first consider the four main types of flash storage.

Server-Flash Memory or “cached storage” offers drives with fast speeds yet low capacity. With this solution IT can both speed up storage and reduce latency.

All-Flash Array offers large storage capacity with a solid-state system that stores multiple flash memory drives.

Traditional Flash Storage provides greatest scalable, consistent and cost-effective capacity. An environment shouldn’t have more than half of storage capacity with traditional flash because of reliability concerns.

Hybrid Array is an intelligent caching solution requiring a bigger workload that provides sub-millisecond access to cached data, and it leverages your HHD for capacity.

Each and every different flash memory solution has its own strengths and weaknesses to sort through to make sure it’s would fit with a specific set of needs within a given environment.  Many organizations find a hybrid solution is the best course of action to serve different applications and employees with storage that keeps them working efficiently.

Rely on Agility to help you understand what kind of flash storage is best for your environment based on your needs.  Our team will architect and develop a storage solution that meets everyone in your team’s needs.

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