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Storage Solutions for Less

Are you using the data you have and/or collecting the data that would be useful to you? Odds are, you’re not.  The traditionally high-cost of data storage often makes it cost-prohibitive to get the most out of your very own data!

Agility Systems is partnering with INFINIDAT to bring you high-end flash storage – and lots of it – for the price of traditional, more affordable disc storage.

Agility customers can receive reliable enterprise storage – a better, faster way to store and protect multiple petabytes of data, with the highest possible availability at the lowest possible TCO.

It’s a high-performance storage solution for a myriad of storage requirements.  These are sophisticated enough to be relied upon by Global 500 companies around the world (supporting a wide variety of applications and use cases) yet affordable enough for small businesses to rely.  These storage solutions reduce your infrastructure costs while enabling growth.

InfiniBox’s high performance includes reliable, self- healing architecture as well as easy recovery should the worst happen. InfiniBox uses predictive analytics to ensure performance and availability.  InfiniBox is bundled with a rich solution portfolio for platforms such as virtualization, databases, backup & recovery and more. It’s fast and intuitive host connectivity and storage provisioning shortens lengthy storage management tasks from days to seconds.

Contact Agility to learn about INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox you can lower both the cost and complexity of your data storage – and save enough to start storing more.

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