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Steps to Take to Head Off Ransomware

Ransomware isn’t just a plot device in a TV drama – it’s alarmingly becoming more and more of an issue. Can you believe that you can actually find “RaaS,” ransomware as a service tool kits to target organizations’ data? Meanwhile the costs are astounding as it can approach the hundreds of millions of dollars, depending on how valued the data is and how much an organization will pay to retrieve it.

So how can you prevent ransomware?  Unfortunately, there’s no fail safe, but taking these steps will certainly help:

Proactively Patch
Ransomware attacks are often not rocket science.  They typically start with well-known vulnerabilities.  Implement rigorous patching processes as the aforementioned RaaS look for holes at an increasingly rapid

Old School Plans
It stands to reason that if your data is attacked and stolen, this could include your digital disaster recovery plans and blueprints. Make sure your DR and recovery plans will remain in place under all circumstances – take an “old school” approach and have a copy that is not digitally connected to the rest of your systems.

Fortify Your Firewalls
Make sure your infrastructure as well as every desktop and device have the latest in anti-virus technology, scanning gateways, and properly configured firewalls. It’s also worth training your employees on how to protect themselves and with that, your environment.

Put today’s technology solutions to work for you – Agility can help with this! With the right protocols in place you can even do things like automatically extend retention so that older backups are retained until the anomaly has been checked out.

Be Ready
A malware or ransomware attack can take your business down for hours, days or weeks... and if you aren’t careful, can take you out permanently. It’s critical to have a plan in place to not only recover quickly but maintain business continuity.  Let us know and Agility can help develop a plan to mitigate risk and act swiftly should the worst happen.

If you'd like more information to protect yourself from ransomware, make sure you Contact Agility for assistance.

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