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Fujitsu Announces Support of Better Graphic Card(s)

Exciting news for those who need superior graphics cards! Fujitsu’s newly released M5 server line and they also fully support the new Nvidia T4 cards.

As prior reviewed, the Nvidia T4 is an amazing new graphics card that enables your users to fully leverage the benefits and promise of high performing solutions (including AI) and cost-effectively meet high-bandwidth resolution requirements. The Nvidia T4 offers multi-precision computing to handle diverse workloads and amazing responsiveness. Its capabilities allow engineers, designers, and creative professionals working on remote, virtual workstations can render compelling, photoreal visualizations 94 percent faster.

If you have multiple office locations, this card lets you access large files from disparate office locations with no disruption to the end user experience.

The Nvidia T4 solutions Agility can bring your organization will make it easy to integrate scalable deep learning into video pipelines to deliver innovative, smart video services.

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