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A Better Way to Tackle VM Replication and Backup

Do you have legacy systems?  Have you found an effective and affordable way to back them up – or are you simply playing with fire?  You know eventually they are going down – so what can you do to ensure your systems stay afloat?

The backup of virtual machines (VMs) offsite is one extremely popular strategy, providing a copy of data and applications to ensure that something, anything can be restored.  The downsides of this approach are many including the inexact science it is, the difficulty to restore legacy systems this way, and the large amounts of storage you need to do so. In a world where you need to be “always up,” this approach often leaves Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) in terms of days and weeks versus seconds or minutes.

Agility can provide you a better path to replication and backup using Zerto’s Virtual Replication.  We can help you resolve the very specific challenges that separate legacy solutions preset.

More specifically, offsite backups are taken from the replicated VM data in the recovery site, on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The backups can be stored on a disk or network share in a 3rd location, dedicated disk-based backup device or even cloud storage.

Should the worst happen, this solution provides thousands of recovery intervals with seconds of granularity in a compressed and portable backup file.

This latest version of Zerto Virtual Replication improves data retention and recover as well as data protection, all within a single solution. It’s a move from merely a backup solution for disasters to a replication strategy that lets you store backup data more efficiently and affordably.

To learn more reach out to Agility, we'd love to help! 

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